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GLACIATION Use Case Technical Workshop in Athens
Thursday, 4th July 2024

Access to real-time renewable energy data can significantly enhance the GLACIATION platform, enabling it to shore up the intelligent management of data movement and operations using a novel metadata fabric and an AI-powered optimiser focused on green and privacy imperatives. By determining the energy profile of the electrical power supply, the GLACIATION platform can base some of its data movement and operation decisions, across the cloud-edge continuum, on the specific energy profile at any given time. For example, non-urgent data transfers and operations can be scheduled to coincide with periods when the energy profile has a higher proportion of renewable energy.

Inaugural Use Case 4 Workshop

Within this context, and to further its mission, GLACIATION now has a new partner, the Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A. (IPTO) of Greece as well as a fourth use case. In June, the GLACIATION team travelled to Athens to hold a technical workshop with IPTO, a new partner in the GLACIATION consortium. Utilising data from IPTO’s smart sub-stations, the GLACIATION project plans to conduct a fourth pilot to test the solution's capabilities in addressing sustainability and privacy concerns associated with data centres.

The Fourth Use Case

The fourth use case titled "Smart IoT for Enhanced Grid Efficiency and Resilience” will focus on optimising data operations in new data centres located in Attica, Cyclades, and Crete. By leveraging the GLACIATION platform, IPTO aims to distribute data traffic and computational loads in alignment with green energy production, thus improving the utilisation of these data centres within smart substations. The GLACIATION platform will also be able to leverage this real-time energy production data to fine-tune it’s green performance. 

Discussions and Outcomes

During the two-day workshop in Athens, the GLACIATION team engaged in crucial discussions with IPTO to address the requirements for executing the use case. It was agreed that real-time energy production data will be vital for GLACIATION to achieve its green goals. Additionally, metadata identification was recognised as a key factor for the success of the use case.The workshop also explored potential business opportunities for IPTO within the context of the GLACIATION project. These ongoing discussions and the implementation of the fourth use case are set to significantly enhance the GLACIATION solution.


The technical workshop in Athens marks a significant step forward for the GLACIATION project. The fourth use case with IPTO will allow us to leverage real-time renewable energy data, GLACIATION is well on its way to achieving its goals of sustainability and privacy preservation in data management and operations by fully leveraging the cloud-edge continuum. The GLACIATION team remains committed to driving innovation and fostering partnerships that will lead to a smarter, greener future, and more privacy-preserving for data management and operations.