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Access to real-time renewable energy data can significantly enhance the GLACIATION platform, enabling it to shore up the intelligent management of data movement and operations using a novel metadata fabric and an AI-powered optimiser focused on green and privacy imperatives. By determining the energy profile of the electrical power supply, the GLACIATION platform can base some of its data movement and operation decisions, across the cloud-edge continuum, on the specific energy profile at any given time. For example, non-urgent data transfers and operations can be scheduled to coincide with...

With aspirations for manifesting the smart cities of tomorrow, coupled with advancements of Industry 4.0, and widespread integration of artificial intelligence across various sectors, addressing the surge in energy usage and its environmental impacts is paramount. Considering this context, the GLACIATION project is welcoming a new partner, the Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A. (IPTO) of Greece, who will conduct a fourth pilot to test the solution's capabilities in addressing some of the sustainability and privacy concerns posed by data centres.
From March 13th to 14th, the GLACIATION consortium gathered for the third General Assembly, graciously hosted by Dell in scenic Cork, Ireland. This assembly provided an essential forum for the partners to review progress, address challenges, and strengthen collaboration across the project’s multifaceted initiatives.
A month ago, the GLACIATION project organised a pivotal discussion on the convergence of AI, privacy, and the cloud-edge continuum, hosted by GLACIATION partner University College Cork. Set against the backdrop of the historic University and offering hybrid participation, the conference delivered a wealth of insights on the delicate equilibrium between the progress of AI and the preservation of privacy.
In an era where AI’s potential to reshape the global socioeconomic landscape continues to dominate mainstream discourse, the GLACIATION project, and in particular University College Cork will host the Harmonising Privacy and AI across the Cloud-Edge Continuum Conference. Taking place at University College Cork on March 12th, and with online participation possible through hybrid modalities, this event aims to explore the interaction between privacy and AI through a poster session, keynote speeches, and an expert-led discussion.
The recent UNESCO Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, convened in Kranj, Slovenia, was an important platform for discussion against the backdrop of AI's exponential rise in usage across various public and private sectors. The Ministerial session was of particular interest for the GLACIATION project, as many speakers highlighted the imperative of balancing between leveraging AI's societal benefits and upholding ethical standards in its application.
With climate change and environmental concerns the most pressing existential issue of the modern era, initiatives like GLACIATION and other CORDIS Horizon Europe Projects are pioneering solutions to minimise data-related environmental impact.
ENG has contributed to the construction of the GLACIATION architecture that features a modular design emphasising flexibility, extensibility and seamless integration of new components across the edge-cloud continuum. Key macroblocks collectively address critical aspects of the project and each macroblock plays a specific role in achieving the objectives that will be elaborate further below. These macroblocks and their interaction will ensure intelligent data movement, robust security, energy efficiency, and effective orchestration.
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the recently ratified Interoperability Act stands as a critical piece of legislation set to impact Europe's digital space, including the GLACIATION project. The legislation is part of the EU's commitment to digital transformation, aligning with the twin transition goals of the EU: green and digital. Specifically, the Interoperability Act aims to foster cross-border cooperation among EU public administrations and their respective digital systems to streamline and improve public services for citizens and businesses alike.
Gathered against the scenic backdrop of Klagenfurt, Austria, the GLACIATION consortium recently convened for its second General Assembly on September 20th and 21st. Hosted by Lakeside Labs, this gathering provided a platform to reflect on the consortium