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GLACIATION Consortium Third General Assembly Dell Premises, Cork, Ireland
Friday, 3rd May 2024

From March 13th to 14th, the GLACIATION consortium gathered for the third General Assembly, graciously hosted by Dell in scenic Cork, Ireland. This assembly provided an essential forum for the partners to review progress, address challenges, and strengthen collaboration across the project’s multifaceted initiatives.

Here are the five main highlights from the third GLACIATION General assembly:

  • Project Deliverables and Milestones: Roberta Lotti, the GLACIATION project Coordinator highlighted the timely submission of all eight deliverables, encompassing a range of management and technical documents. The project also marked the completion of four milestones.
  • Technical Achievements and Innovations: Aidan O’Mahony, the GLACIATION project technical coordinator presented significant technical advancements such as a new graph database interface and the latest progress in differential privacy and multi-party computation. 
  • IPTO Officially Onboarded: The General Assembly officially welcomed IPTO, the Independent Power Transmission Operator of Greece, as a new partner. IPTO’s involvement introduces a fresh pilot to the GLACIATION project.
  • Dissemination and Outreach Success: The event also celebrated the success of the recent Cork dissemination event, which drew over 100 participants, highlighting the growing interest and impact of the GLACIATION project. 
  • Pilot Two in Action: The consortium also witnessed the GLACIATION solution in action. Hosted at Dell’s manufacturing facility, participants observed manufacturing robots utilising the technology, providing a tangible example of GLACIATION’s impact in industrial settings.

The discussions during the assembly were highly productive, providing valuable insights into each work package and fostering an environment ripe for innovation and cooperation. The consortium left the assembly with a reinforced commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of making data movement and operations more sustainable as well as privacy-preserving.

With these solid foundations and a clear vision for the upcoming months, GLACIATION is well-positioned to continue its trajectory towards transforming data operations to enhance privacy, efficiency, and sustainability in digital ecosystems.