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Tuesday, 6th February 2024

With climate change and environmental concerns the most pressing existential issue of the modern era, initiatives like GLACIATION and other CORDIS Horizon Europe Projects are pioneering solutions to minimise data-related environmental impact.

GLACIATION, at the forefront of innovation, uses a cutting-edge metadata fabric spanning edge-core-cloud architecture. Leveraging AI for data optimisation, GLACIATION aims to reduce the environmental impact of data movement and operations while maintaining privacy compliance. By optimising analytics locations, GLACIATION reduces carbon emissions linked to data movement and operations, all while enhancing data privacy.

Below is a list of other CORDIS Horizon Europe Projects:

  • TANGO is at the vanguard of enhancing the energy efficiency of data centers through innovative solutions. It emphasizes cross-sector data sharing in a secure and trustworthy manner, aligning perfectly with the urgent need to combat environmental degradation and climate change challenges. TANGO’s initiative is a testament to the potential of technology to drive significant reductions in the environmental impact of digital infrastructures, making it a key contributor to the sustainable digital transformation.
  • NEPHELE focuses on efficient, reliable, and secure end-to-end orchestration of hyper-distributed applications, aiming to enhance the performance and openness of distributed systems across the Cloud-to-Edge-to-IoT continuum.
  • TRUSTEE develops a trust and privacy-preserving computing platform for the cross-border federation of data, tackling the challenges of managing diverse, geographically dispersed data repositories.
  • HiPEAC (High-Performance Edge And Cloud computing) aims to stimulate the development of the European computing ecosystem, supporting the continent’s digital transformation and sustainability goals.
  • ICOS addresses the paradigm shift in computing due to the proliferation of novel technologies, working towards a functional continuum operating system.
  • MobiSpaces focuses on the impact of mobility in urban and maritime domains, emphasizing the development of trustworthy and privacy-preserving infrastructures.
  • Waterverse aims to develop a secure, accessible, and interoperable Water Data Management Ecosystem, contributing to the water sector's data management practices.
  • NebulOus introduces advanced methods for secure application provisioning and reconfiguration, contributing to cloud and fog computing brokerage.
  • aerOS envisions an intelligent European Meta Operating System for the IoT Edge-Cloud Continuum, facilitating efficient resource utilization for application deployment.
  • DataBri-X supports the European Data Economy by focusing on data spaces, platforms, and technologies for innovation and development.

Together, these projects, showcase a commitment to leveraging technology for environmental sustainability, data privacy, and the advancement of computing infrastructures. They collectively embody the spirit of innovation and collaboration necessary to navigate the challenges of the modern world, emphasising the importance of sustainable and technologically advanced solutions in the fight against climate change and in the pursuit of a more sustainable digital future.