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Tuesday, 21st May 2024

With aspirations for manifesting the smart cities of tomorrow, coupled with advancements of Industry 4.0, and widespread integration of artificial intelligence across various sectors, addressing the surge in energy usage and its environmental impacts is paramount. Central to these smart cities will be the expansion of data centres, which are essential for storing and processing the vast amounts of data needed to operate sophisticated urban systems.

The strategic use of this data to combat climate change, from both macro and micro perspectives, is crucial. Smart cities promise enhanced sustainability, but this can only be realised if we effectively manage the energy consumption and environmental footprint of data operations. In fact, data centres greenhouse gas emissions are said to be on par with or even greater than the aviation industry (Lawford, 2023). Moreover, modern urban environments are characterised by increasing number of edge nodes, which also raises concerns regarding the privacy of personal data.

Considering this context, the GLACIATION project is welcoming a new partner, the Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A. (IPTO) of Greece, who will conduct a fourth pilot to test the solution's capabilities in addressing some of the sustainability and privacy concerns posed by data centres.

Who is IPTO?

IPTO, established under Law 4001/2011, is tasked with the crucial role of owning and operating the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (HETS). With its mission focused on ensuring a safe, efficient, and reliable electricity supply across Greece, IPTO upholds principles of transparency, equality, and competition in the electricity market. Committed to sustainable development, IPTO operates under a model that ensures impartial access to the transmission system for all users, striving to be among Europe's most efficient electricity transmission operators.

IPTO's Role in the GLACIATION Project:

In the GLACIATION project, IPTO will spearhead the fourth pilot, titled "Smart IoT for Enhanced Grid Efficiency and Resilience”. This initiative will integrate smart IoT devices into the grid to bridge the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), enhancing the system's efficiency and resilience. The pilot will focus on optimising data operations in new data centres located in Attica, Cyclades, and Crete. By leveraging the GLACIATION platform, IPTO aims to distribute data traffic and computational loads in alignment with green energy production, thus improving the utilisation of these data centres within smart substations.

GLACIPTO Impact for European Citizens:

The collaboration with the GLACIATION project allows IPTO to demonstrate the significant impact of integrating advanced technological solutions into the energy sector. This initiative not only aims to reduce the environmental footprint of data operations but also enhances the overall efficiency and resilience of the energy grid. By optimising the use of data centres through intelligent IoT-based interventions, the pilot underscores the role of data centres in smart city infrastructures as well as other smart applications.

The insights gained from this pilot can guide the future expansion of smart substations across the Hellenic Grid as well as throughout Europe, promoting the sustainable integration of data centres in urban planning and operations. This strategic approach ensures that the growth in data processing capabilities goes hand in hand with advancements in smart city and other smart application developments, contributing to more sustainable urban environments and societies.


The GLACIATION project is committed to maximising its beneficial impact for European citizens, aiming to foster a greener and more privacy-preserving future as data movement and operations continue to grow exponentially. By implementing advanced, sustainable technologies and fostering cooperation among key stakeholders, GLACIATION is poised to lead a transformative shift towards more efficient, environmentally friendly and privacy preserving data management practices across Europe. This concerted effort is crucial for achieving the smart, sustainable cities of tomorrow, where data serves as a catalyst for positive change while safeguarding personal privacy.



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