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Harmonising Privacy and AI across the Cloud-Edge Continuum
Monday, 19th February 2024

In an era where AI’s potential to reshape the global socioeconomic landscape continues to dominate mainstream discourse, the GLACIATION project, and in particular University College Cork will host the Harmonising Privacy and AI across the Cloud-Edge Continuum Conference. Taking place at University College Cork on March 12th, and with online participation possible through hybrid modalities, this event aims to explore the interaction between privacy and AI through a poster session, keynote speeches, and an expert-led discussion.


The GLACIATION project leads initiatives to fully exploit the cloud-edge continuum, including by pioneering the harmonisation of diverse technologies within a unique metadata fabric. The conference will address the risks and benefits of AI's rapid integration into various sectors, such as healthcare, finance, agriculture, and fashion through the GLACIATION lens. Given AI's increasing demand for personal data, the event will also scrutinise privacy implications and the potential for the technology to intentionally or inadvertently reveal sensitive details about individuals’ lives.

Examining AI and Data Privacy

As the world marvels at the capabilities of AI platforms like ChatGPT, the conference will critically evaluate how such progress can coexist with strict privacy regulations. It will highlight the GLACIATION project's role in exemplifying responsible AI integration that strengthens privacy protections. In light of the AI Act and GDPR, the panel will also discuss what AI's rise means for compliance and ethical data management.

The Harmonising Privacy and AI across the Cloud-Edge Continuum Conference

The event will begin with a poster session, offering a stage for PhD students, industry professionals, and GLACIATION partners to showcase their work on privacy and AI. Keynote speeches from Dell’s VP, Bob Savage, AI policy expert, Barry O'Sullivan, and GLACIATION coordinator, Roberta Lotti, will set the stage for an in-depth discussion of AI's socio-economic advantages while emphasising the responsible use of technology.

GLACIATION will showcase its method for utilising AI to direct data movement, with a focus on privacy and sustainability. Participants will receive insights into the project’s dedication to maintaining transparency, ethical practices, and human-centric approaches.

This will be followed by a panel discussion on the relationship between AI developments and personal privacy risks within the cloud-edge continuum, as well as strategies for adhering to EU privacy laws, especially GDPR, in the adoption of AI. The event will conclude with a networking session over drinks.

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