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This page serves as a repository of essential resources intended to facilitate the communication and dissemination activities of GLACIATION project. These materials are made available with the aim of ensuring consistency and efficiency in project-related outreach efforts.


Materials Available for Download

  • Project Logo: The project logo is provided in various formats, including vector and raster versions, to accommodate diverse design requirements. The guidelines are included in the zip archive. The logo is designed to maintain a consistent visual identity throughout project-related materials.
    Download (Version: 2023-09-29 - 1.6 Mb - Zip Archive)
  • Rollup: This resource offers a professional and standardized visual representation of our project.
    Download Glaciation_Banner_850x200mm.pdf (Version: 2023-09-26 - 1.4 Mb - PDF)
  • Flyer: These materials are designed to provide concise project information and can be used for targeted outreach.
    Download Glaciation-Flyer.pdf (Version: 2023-09-29 - 1.8 Mb - PDF)
  • Poster: Poster is designed to effectively communicate key project details and are suitable for display at events and conferences.
    Download Glaciation-Poster-A1.pdf (Version: 2023-09-29 - 1.4 Mb - PDF)



  • PPTX Template: A PowerPoint template (PPTX) has been developed to assist in the creation of project-related presentations. This template adheres to our project's visual guidelines, aiding in the production of informative and visually cohesive presentations.
    Download PPTX Template (Version: 2023-09-29 - 11 Mb - Microsoft Power Point document [PPTX])
  • Word Template for Deliverables: A Word template has been designed for the preparation of project deliverables. This template ensures uniformity in the structure and formatting of reports, aligning them with the project's branding and style directives.
    Download DOCX Template (Version: 2023-09-29 - 1.9 Mb - Microsoft Word document [DOCX])

Benefits of Using Our Dissemination Material

  • Brand Consistency: Utilizing our project logo and templates helps maintain a standardized and professional appearance across all project materials.
  • Time Savings: Ready-to-use templates minimize the effort and time required to create presentations and deliverables from scratch.
  • Visual Presentation: Our materials are structured to enhance audience engagement, contributing to more compelling project messaging.
  • Project Identity: By adopting our dissemination materials, you contribute to reinforcing the project's identity and advancing its objectives.

We encourage you to explore and make use of these resources to facilitate the effective dissemination of GLACIATION project. Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team.