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Smart IoT for Enhanced Grid Efficiency and Resilience

Current Status and Challenges

The Independent Power Transmission Operator S.A. (IPTO) of Greece is responsible for operating the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (HETS). IPTO ensures a safe, efficient, and reliable electricity supply across Greece, while upholding principles of transparency, equality, and competition in the electricity market. Committed to sustainable development, IPTO operates under a model that guarantees impartial access to the transmission system for all users. With a vision to be among Europe's most efficient electricity transmission operators, IPTO continuously seeks innovative solutions to enhance grid efficiency and resilience. 

IPTO faces challenges in managing data operations across its extensive grid network. The need to balance centralised and decentralised data processing, ensuring data sovereignty, and optimising energy use and costs are key concerns. Integrating smart IoT devices into the grid infrastructure presents an opportunity to address these challenges by enhancing the interaction between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). 

The Pilot 

IPTO’s Pilot, titled "Smart IoT for Enhanced Grid Efficiency and Resilience," aims to validate the GLACIATION technical stream outputs. This pilot will integrate smart IoT devices into the HETS to bridge the gap between OT and IT, enhancing system efficiency and resilience. The pilot will focus on optimising data operations in new data centres located in Attica, Cyclades, and Crete. By leveraging the GLACIATION platform, IPTO will distribute data traffic and computational loads in alignment with green energy production, improving the utilisation of these data centres within smart substations. 

IPTO is on the path of grid modernization, integrating smart substations with advanced data center functionalities and associated energy consumption. The use case will highlight the project's impact on energy consumption, providing scalability across the Hellenic Grid and supporting the adoption of smart substations. As a Transmission System Operator (TSO), IPTO will validate the developed solutions, focusing on greener and responsible data operations in an industrial capacity. The pilot aims to optimize energy consumption, enhance performance, and ensure data privacy/protection by leveraging AI and ML to route data effectively and delegate control to peripheral systems, thereby reducing the load on central systems and improving overall grid management. 

Expected Outcomes and KPI  

The primary goal for IPTO is to reduce energy consumption, minimise processing time and costs, and optimise data movement while ensuring privacy preservation and data security.  

Baseline Assets  

The baseline assets include the current OT and IT infrastructure, integrated IoT devices on the grid, and the new data centre resources in Attica, Cyclades, and Crete. This infrastructure will be leveraged to enhance data management and grid efficiency through the GLACIATION project's solutions. 

Leading Beneficiary